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We service many different makes and models of vehicles and we offer many different automotive repair and maintenance services. Contact us to discuss special financing for any high priced large repairs.

See some of the services below or view a detailed list of our auto services here.


  • Air Conditioning service includes recharge system with refrigerant and dye, identification of leaks, and repair of service as needed. Also includes replacement of air compressors, condensers, accumulators, and evaporators when needed.
  • CV Axle Service, diagnosis and repair or replacement of cv axles as needed.
  • Computer Diagnostic Service includes diagnostic code retrieval from related computer, testing of related circuits and sensors, and repair or replacement of defective components or related wiring.
  • Preventive Maintenance includes replacement of fluids, parts or services related to maintaining your vehicle for reliability and safety. Service includes performing recommended factory scheduled maintenance as described in the owner’s manual as well as service based on vehicle driving habits.
  • Lube, oil & filter service, includes replacement of oil filter, oil, and lubrication of vehicle as required.  Also included may be a complimentary vehicle inspection.
  • Brake service, includes inspection of brakes, tire rotation as needed, replacement of brake pads, calipers, brake shoes and wheel cylinders as needed when worn. Also included is periodic brake fluid flush to keep fluid clean. Brake service also includes diagnosis of abs issues and repairs.
  • Clutch Repair includes replacement of clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinders, or clutch cable as needed. It also includes replacement of clutch assembly when worn, includes machining flywheel or replacement when needed.
  • Electrical Repairs. Service to include testing of related electrical systems, as well as battery, starting, and charging systems. As well as all other related electrical systems such as lights, interior electrical systems, wiring, and computer circuits. Also included may be installation of aftermarket equipment.
  • Exhaust Systems, includes replacement of mufflers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, and hardware as needed. Also includes replacement or installation of exhaust manifolds and gaskets.
  • Suspension Work includes replacement of shock absorbers or struts, ball joints, coil springs as well as control arms and bushings as related to the suspension of the vehicle. Included is wheel alignment as needed.
  • Steering service includes replacement of inner and outer tie-rods, as well as power steering rack, gear box as needed, and also includes wheel alignment. In some instances may include repair or replacement of steering column.
  • Fuel System includes diagnosis of failed fuel injectors, replacement as needed. Also included is fuel pump testing, replacement of fuel pumps and fuel filters as required. Fuel system service includes flushing of fuel lines, cleaning of fuel injectors, as well as cleaning of air intake service to remove carbon build-up.
  • Transmission service includes servicing transmission fluid, replacement of transmission filter, as well as diagnosis of transmission problems, as well as repair or replacement of transmission or related components.
  • Cooling System service, includes coolant flush to replenish coolant, replacement of radiator hoses and heater hoses as due by age, mileage or condition. Also includes diagnosis of coolant loss, leaks and repairs as needed. Replacement of radiator, heater core, and water pumps are also included.
  • Tune Ups, Ignition Service includes the periodic replacement, of spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter and fuel filters. It may also include reprogramming or flashing computers for updates to repair certain drivability conditions, or operating test conditions.
  • Engine Repair includes diagnosis of mechanical issues, repair or replacement of engine components. This service may include head gasket repair, timing belt replacement, oil pump repair, or complete engine replacement with remanufactured engines or used engines.
  • Diesel Service and repair include fuel filter replacement, diagnosis of fuel injection pump issues, fuel injector issues, and engine management systems. This may also include service and repair of turbo components and installation of aftermarket performance components.
  • Power steering system services includes flushing of power steering fluid, diagnosis of power steering system failures, and replacement of failed components, including power steering pumps, gear boxes, power steering racks and hydraulic hoses.